Scott Jenkins



Over 15 years ago, Scott Jenkins in Ottawa started working in the trade for a sole proprietor who focused on getting the job done correctly the first time.  After working with some of the city's best in the trade, he moved on to bigger companies which gave him the drive to go out on his own.



Currently the owner of Jenkins Hardwood Flooring, Scott is still very much on the jobsites and strives to provide a quality finished product to each client that showcases the natural beauty of each unique piece of hardwood.



With the opening of our new showroom, Scott will be focused on maintaining the same level of quality that he has always expected from each job.  His priority is to continue to provide each client with the best products and service while expanding the business.

Jenkins Hardwood Flooring

1915-101 Baseline Road, Ottawa, ON K2C 0C7, C

(613) 301-3824